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A.O.W. was started to give women (18 and older) the opportunity to learn about camping, fishing and many other outdoor activities in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Skills such as off-road driving, angling (including fly fishing), camping, Dutch-oven cooking, map and compass reading, boating, canoeing and mountain biking are taught. You can choose from classes in archery, wildlife photography, camping, bird watching (birding), canoeing, and kayaking to name a few activities to choose from. All activities are a day or weekend event. Events are set up for beginners to experienced ladies.

Kathy Greene

Owner / Coordintor




"I want to share my love and experiences for the outdoors by introducing more women to the fun and excitement that they are missing!"

I have lived in Tucson all my life.  I was lucky as a kid; my mother loved the outdoors.  During the summer months we were in the White Mountains camping, fishing and hiking. During the winter months my father would be scuba diving in the waters of the Gulf of California while the rest of the family was snorkeling or collecting shells on the beach.  As an adult, I continue to love the great outdoors. I was lucky to marry a man (Don Greene) that loves the outdoors as much as I do. We both enjoy fishing, camping and hunting together.  After high school I was introduced to archery at Pima Community College. I really enjoyed the sport and within my first year of shooting, I had qualified to try out for the 1984 Olympic team. I came in 64 out of 100 women and was hooked! The next four years I trained hard for the 1988 team. That year I came in 25th.  They only take 3 women for the team.  But I did not stop after that.  I continued shooting and made 3 World Field Archery Teams getting to go to Italy, Austria and Australia.  Besides having a passion for the outdoors, I grow roses and enter them into different shows.  I have 70 different roses in my yard.  I have taken several trophies with my roses.

Women can play too!


Archery Instructor
National Archery Association – Level III
National Field Archery Association

Wilderness First Aid Cerifed

First Aid and CPR Certified

Happy Adventurers

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I went on the ATV ride in Sedona in 2011 and had a fantastic time. I had never ridden an ATV before but after a quick lesson in the backyard of the rental place, I was good to go. The Arizona Outdoor Women, led by Kathy Greene, rode for hours. At one of the breaks, I told Kathy "I need one of these"! It took several days after to wipe the smile off my face and even as I write this, I am smiling again because I'm signed up to go on another ATV ride with Kathy in a couple weeks. I can hardly wait!