Open to Everyone over 16 yrs

Watson Lake, Prescott

Skill Level} Beginners - Experience 

**Gratuities for the guides are not included**

Provided: Certified Instructor • Single Kayak • PFD’s vest • Paddles • Water • Lunch


You will learn essential safety aspects of kayaking. Find out what to do if you capsize your boat; learn the laws of boating safety and how you could help a fellow boater in need.



Kayaking Clinic, October 3, 2020


    8:00 am           Meet at the entrance gate to Watson Lake, Prescott

    8:15 am           Introductions, go over the safely rules, how to kayak safely

    8:30 am           Start kayaking              


    2:00 pm           Kayak back to shore clean equipment and help put kayaks on trailer

    2:00pm            Say our Good-bye

    Note times may vary

    What to bring:

    • Short or pant (quick drying)
    • Shirt (quick drying)
    • Water Shoes
    • Gloves
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen 
    • Lip balm 
    • Bug spray
    • Water bottle

    Change of clothes for when you get out of the water.

    NO COTTON should not be worn on the river, once wet it has NO insulation value.


    • Swimwear
    • Polypropylene, fleece, wool sweater. ANY synthetic top
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