Experience some world class whitewater rafting in Arizona! Guiding you on your trip are certified, highly trained professional guides. Some of our rivers around Arizona are rated class I-IV rapids which make for an exciting outing! What a great way to see giant Saguaro cactus, Indian ruins and canyons carpeting the beauty of the Sonoran desert. What a rush!!


Multi day adventures requires a $200.00 deposit that is non-refundable. This pays for permits that are non-refundable

Whitewater Rafting-Upper Salt River
Whitewater Rafting on the
Colorado River Grand Canyon

This adventure is on everyone bucket list. Grand Canyon River plummets through numerous class 1-10 level of rapids such as "Badger Creek Rapid", "House Rock Rapid', "Grapevine Rapid", "Granite Rapid" and “Lava Rapid" to name a few. Along the way stopping at side canyons like Calm stretches such as the narrows allow everyone to gather and revel in the beauty of the canyon that towers above, or to enjoy a friendly "out of boat experience" better known as a swim should you be so inclined. This is also an excellent trip for first-timers as well as seasoned rafters. The fun, excitement and beauty of the Grand Canyon River have never failed to impress. Sun, Splashes, Scenery and Saguaros are guaranteed!


Requires a $500.00 deposit that is non-refundable/non-transferable

This pays for permits that are non-refundable

Payments plan are available 

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