Climbing / Rappelling

You’ve climbed to the top of a cliff and now you have to get back down. Sometimes you can walk off the back side, which is usually the safest way to descend. But sometimes you have to rappel down because it’s easier, safer, and faster to get back down to earth!  This course will show you the safe way to climb that cliff, and how to rappel down.  You do not need a lot of strength to enjoy this course just a good pair of gloves, shoes and the rest is done with the equipment that is supplied to you.

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Rappelling into Canyons 

Canyoneering is a cross between hiking, climbing and safely rappelling throughout some of the most diverse canyons that Arizona has of offer. An amazing journey similar to no other becomes accessible to anybody with some basic training and the right equipment. Come explore new canyons. This course is appropriate for all those who are looking to improve their skills and be able to travel safely throughout Arizona's canyons.

Rope Challenge/ Zip Line

This rope course containing a mixture of 10-17 different obstacle. The obstacles range from rope swings, scrambling walls, hanging nets, wobbly bridges and suspender "surprises" with a zip line at the end of each course.

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